How do I scan stuff on my computer?

Answer Your printer may have a "scanner" built in ..look at the printer manual. If you dont have a "built in " scanner you would need a "flat bed" scanner. they usually come with the necessary drivers and... Read More »

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I want to get a anitvirus that i can let programs thur, scan my computer, scans all stuff i download *?

Norton does that. You have to scan that after you download it. Just right click and click on Norton.

When attempting to scan to a computer using the scan to function on the front panel, a No Scan Options?

Have you tried uninstalling your scanner and then installing again? Try this and see if it helps if not call or go to a nearby electronic store (Best Buy, CirCuit City) and ask them why is your sca... Read More »

I scan my computer with Avira Complete Scan and There is 11 Warnings What should i do?

It seems that your computer is not infected but you have several programs that are corrupted. I would try reinstalling those programs that aren't functioning if I were you.Start with that TuneUp Ut... Read More »

Hey on my computer i have mcafee, and when i click scan it wont scan, it goes back to the beginning?

Get rid of Mcafee and use these:Avg Free Edition, A great all round virus program:…Ashampoo Firewall, Use this to monitor which programs have access to the... Read More »