How do I scan or fax something that's too long!?

Answer its possible with a loader fax-printer.if you only have a scanner then kinkos it is for youdont listen to half your comments - do not cut a legal document. why would you want to shrink the document... Read More »

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Does anyone know something to take off viruses thats complately free not just the scan?

My printer won't print a page, but when I try to scan something, it'll scan it. Whats the deal?

Is there a free registry scan that i can download and thats good?

What is something i could cook, thats tasty?

1.mix eggs with cheese.first mix 2-3 eggs together with chopped vegetables.put a little salt in it.slice white n or red onion. Mix into the egg.fry the egg together.then spread cheese all over unit... Read More »