How do I scan from epsom printer to laptop (no scanner icon)?

Answer Delete printer from your computer then re install/ Your printer does have a scanner doesn't it. (just asking)

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PLEASE HELP! My scanner won't scan, why It's out of ink (also a printer) but it should scan?

Have you tried re installing the driver for your scanner? then reboot and reinstall your driveran up to date driver from manufacturer site is the best thing to start with

Can't get scanner/printer to scan; any help?

Do you get an error message when attempting to scan?As for the laptop, if the printer works then the laptop is not too old.

My Printer/Scanner won't scan.?

One possible reason could be the printer's driver, your desktop driver might not work for your laptop, thus you need to install an updated version for your printer, which you can get from your manu... Read More »

My Scanner/Printer won't scan. Why?

I had a similar problem with a Lexmark scanner/printer/copier.Uninstall your printer and re-install it. During the installation process, watch the steps and make sure that it installs the drivers f... Read More »