How do I scan and send a document?

Answer You have a scanner(installed on PC?)During installation you surely have find some program which you installed on computer.Locate the program which you installed then click on it it will open a wind... Read More »

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Scan a document and send it email.?

Inserts 'How do you' to the beginning of your statement.With your scanner, scan the document and save it in the format of choice. JPG would work but you may need to adjust the DPI to prevent creati... Read More »

Are you allowed to scan and send a signed document?

Yes. It is a legal document just the same and the time and originating number are printed at the top to show proof of the sender, the time, etc....DO NOT retrace the signature. I deal with document... Read More »

Do you know of a portable document scanner that don't need to be connected to a computer to scan a document?

how big is the document you're trying to scan? they make pen scanners, they work good for students that only need certain text and when you only have limited funds and a library down the street wor... Read More »

I have a document. How can I scan and save that document for future corrections in doc.form?

You google:"scanning in text format"and find you need an optical character recognition software or may be able to convert the pdf, but since scanned images are pictures, that is more difficult as i... Read More »