How do I scan a photo?

Answer What everyone here has told you is correct. Make sure the picture is turned face down on the scanner & follow the directions as they come up on your computer screen. I'd read the information that... Read More »

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How to resize scan identy size scan photo in Windows 7?

It can be resized in MS Paint, a built-in software in win 7.

I'm trying to scan a photo to my pc and save it as file to reprint it on photo paper?

The reason your laptops show up and not your desktop is probably because your wireless and wired networks have a different IP scheme. If your desktop has a wireless card, disable the wired when yo... Read More »

How to scan old photo whose surface affixed to the glass of a photo frame?

Why not ask your local museum, they mostly all have a dept for restoration of old images/things and would know the best way. They may even offer a service for a fee to rescue it.Good Luck!

How do i scan a photo onto my pc?

you need a scanner.attach the scanner to your pc and install the installation cd normally comes with the product (if not check the manufacturers website) insert the paper into the scanner and close... Read More »