How do I scan a form, fill it out, then print the finished form?

Answer Adobe Acrobat professional will make it work. Scan, then the Acrobat professional can fill with the text box. You can then complete the form and print the form out.

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I have a HP all in one scanner/Printer, is it possable to scan a form and after fill in the info.?

Depends on the software you have. If you have Adobe Acrobat (not just Acrobat Reader) you can scan it as a PDF and then use the tools to add fields. Many scanners come with a software called PaperP... Read More »

How can I scan something then type into the form the information then print it?

Here is a simpler solution:Scan the document as a JPG file, high resolution. Open a WORD document. Depending on what version you have, you would need to INSERT the JPG file as a background image, o... Read More »

Can I scan a form and make it a fillable form?

No program I know of can do this. The best is OCR, text recognition -- scan the doc in and it gives you back a text file. Most software bundled with the scanner comes with OCR functionality. It wou... Read More »

Could you please tell me. when i print form a web page it is in small print. how can i enlarge the print.?

On Internet explorer You can enlarge/reduce the text on the web page you want to print by pressing CTRL and and moving your wheel mouse up or down. Another option to change your text size is to cl... Read More »