How do I scan a document from my Epson NX400 printer to my mac?

Answer Try "Copy" once the document is copied using Save or Save As should permit you to save the documents to your drive. Unless your scanner allows the specifics of saving as a pdf, the scanned files wi... Read More »

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How to Hook Up an Epson Stylus NX400?

The Epson NX400 is an inkjet printer that includes a scanner built into the upper portion of the device, equipped with three different scanning modes. The device is designed for use with PCs runnin... Read More »

Epson printer will not scan...?

Go in control panel and click on Scanners & Cameras. You will or should see the Epson icon there. Click it to activate the scanner and you can start scanning by using the menu or pressing the SCAN ... Read More »

How to scan a picture using an Epson Printer?

Hi There,Sounds like you have a printer/scanner and you want to scan something to the computer.When you get the connection error that usually means the device was not installed properly.Your best b... Read More »

Can i scan uying Epson printer without the ink cartridges working?

I doubt itI know you do not use any ink when you try to scan, but all printer options need to be functional to make the printer complete and fully operational for use. So you will need a sufficient... Read More »