How to Write Thank You in Spanish?

Answer Thank-you is one of the magic words we learn. Why not learn how to write it in Spanish?

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What is Thank you for showing up tonight in Spanish?

Since that date many thiongs have been invented, too many in fact to list here. Then there is the small but important point theat what some people would call 'cool' is boring to other people.

Is it better to send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note after a job interview?

On One Hand: A Handwritten Note Is More Personal.Send a handwritten thank you note if the job interview and your relationship with the interviewer demands a more personal touch. This rule might app... Read More »

Who do I thank Eh!?

Only time will tell if thIs change is permanent, or if this ya category will return to its usual 3-4 questions per day now that the sopa blackout is over.Btw I had to plow thru several pages of Wik... Read More »

THANK YOU Y!A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Your Welcome! i really like helping you because ive been through alot of things you have. and im your age too, so we can really kind of connect. Ive read from your other questions, and i think you ... Read More »