How do I save pictures to a USB memory stick?

Answer Install and Open the USB Memory StickInsert the flash drive into the USB port on your computer. Click on "Open Folder" to view the files menu option on the memory stick menu once the flash drive op... Read More »

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How to Save Folders on a Memory Stick?

A memory stick is used as an extension to your PC's hard drive. You can save data and multimedia files to it as well as transfer the files over to another system using the same memory stick. This m... Read More »

Can you save Wii ISOs to a memory stick?

Wii ISOs, also known as disc images, cannot be saved to a memory stick. Nintendo does not provide this capability, presumably because it would make software much easier to pirate. Downloaded Virtu... Read More »

How to Save Information to a Memory Stick?

A flash drive, frequently called a memory stick, is a great way to quickly and easily back up data. Memory sticks are convenient due to their small, compact size, which makes them portable and easy... Read More »

Can a PSP save without a memory stick?

The PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 series can not save games or data unless a Memory Stick Duo is inserted into the hand-held's Memory Stick slot. However, the PSPgo line of consoles comes with a built-in... Read More »