How do I save my word document onto my flash drive?

Answer Just click save and save it as the default option. Then go to where it saved and right-click, send to, then choose your flash drive.

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Can I save a boarding pass onto a flash drive?

If you think you can print it then yes you can put it on the flash drive.If you have a smart phone, then you can just probably show them the email with the barcode I guess.You should probably call ... Read More »

Can i load ms word onto a flash drive to use in a separate computer?

Microsoft Word cannot be installed and used on a flash drive because it installs necessary files on the C drive of a computer. You can use the free program, Open Office, which will read MS Word fil... Read More »

How to Save Changes in a Word Document When Word Won't Save?

Losing work is great for terrible moods. There is nothing like spending an hour hammering away at your keyboard making edits to an important document, only to find that you're unable to save it whe... Read More »

How Do I Download My Dell 2350 Hard Drive for Windows XP Onto a Flash Drive?

Windows XP comes with its own backup utility. This program walks you through the process of backing up all of your data onto an external storage device. If you have a Dell 2350 desktop computer run... Read More »