How do I save and store fresh ginger?

Answer Short-term StoragePut the unpeeled ginger root in a plastic or paper bag in the fruit crisper of the refrigerator. This method of storage will keep the ginger fresh for approximately two months.Mar... Read More »

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How Do I Store Fresh Ginger?

Purchase the freshest ginger possible, with firm unwrinkled skin and a strong gingery smell. This fresh ginger will have the most intense and spicy flavor. According to a study by the Fine Cooking ... Read More »

How much ground ginger equals a fresh ginger root?

When cooking, 1/8 tsp. of ground ginger powder equals 1 tbsp. of chopped, minced or shredded ginger. The taste of powdered and fresh ginger are not completely the same, however, so use the substitu... Read More »

How do I substitute ground ginger for fresh ginger?

Most recipes allow for substituting dried and fresh ingredients. A basic rule is to convert a fresh ingredient by half when substituting a fry ingredient; for instance, 1 tablespoon fresh basil wou... Read More »

How much fresh ginger is equal to dry ginger?

Ginger is a potent herb that should be used sparingly. Dry powdered ginger also has a slightly different taste than fresh ginger. To substitute fresh ginger for dry ginger, the recipe should contai... Read More »