How do I save a Flash video from a website?

Answer Navigate to the Flash video you want to save. Right click on the address of the video in the location bar (the long bar at the top of your browser) and choose "Copy" from the drop-down menu. Go to ... Read More »

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How to Save Flash Animation from Website?

Though saving a flash animation isn’t as intuitive as, say, saving a .jpg, it’s actually not that hard and doesn’t even require third-party software. To save flash animation from a website, t... Read More »

How to Download Flash Video From a Website?

Many websites offer video in formats that you can download and play in Windows Media or Quicktime, such as wmv files or mov files. Although these files may be very high quality, they are large file... Read More »

How do I save a Flash video?

Media ConverterGo to Media Converter, a free online conversion website. (See Resources.) Click the "Enter a Link" button, and paste the URL of the Flash video file into the box. Click the "OK" butt... Read More »

How do I save a Flash 8 video?

Free Video Saving SoftwareDownload the free application "Freecorder4" (see reference section). This is a free web browser plug-in that automatically keeps track of all types of videos in a "Video C... Read More »