How do I sanitize a front load washer?

Answer Use Chlorine BleachPour one cup of chlorine bleach into the detergent basket, and run the washer empty on the hottest cycle. Wipe out the washer completely with a towel when the cycle is complete. ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Front Load Washer So That It Does Not Smell with Washer Fan?

Washer Fan installedThis article will cover how to fix your own front load washer to finally get rid of that odor that they all get over time. This is an actual fix and not just masking the problem... Read More »

How much can you load in a front load washer?

Front-load washers can hold large loads--about 18 pounds, some up to 20 pounds. Blankets, comforters and over-sized items also can be washed in some front-load washers. Front-load washers let you w... Read More »

How do I clean a front load washer?

Clean the DoorFill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water and 1/2 cup of bleach. Wipe the inside of the front load washer's door and seal with a sponge. Lift up the door seal, and wipe underneath. Al... Read More »

How much clothing do you put in a front load washer?

According to Best Buy, the average front-loading washer is able to handle 12 to 20 pounds of laundry. This is roughly equal to 16 pairs of jeans. A compact model will hold less.Source:Best Buy: Gui... Read More »