How do I root cuttings with water?

Answer Cut a 6-inch stem from the original plant. Choose a healthy, pest and disease-free portion from the plant. Use a clean, sharp knife or pruning sheers to make the cut. Do not rip the cutting away fr... Read More »

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How do I root ivy cuttings?

PreparationCut several 6-inch pieces of ivy from an existing plant. Choose young, bright-green portions of the plant. Remove any leaves from the bottom half of the cutting, then dip the bottom half... Read More »

How do I do root cuttings?

A great way to start or add to a garden is to root cuttings from shrubs or trees. This way, if you see a shrub that you just love at your friend's place, you can replicate it at home for your own e... Read More »

How to Root Photinia Cuttings?

Photinia is a shrub that is related to the hawthorn plant and is of the family Rosaceae. The photinia has oval-shaped dark green leaves that get up to 5 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. New grow... Read More »

How do I root Camellia cuttings?

Prepare the CuttingDip the open flesh of the cutting in rooting powder. The powder expedites the callusing process of the plant's cells and the Camellia will not root properly until a white callus... Read More »