How do I ripen plums?

Answer Put unripe plums in a brown paper bag. Don't use a plastic bag because it will affect the taste of the fruit and restrict airflow, which is important to the ripening process.Loosely roll the top of... Read More »

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Gardeners: Is it better to ripen tomatoes on the vine or pick them when they are mature and ripen them?

Tomatoes ripened on the vine do taste better and is what I would recommend (more tomato flavour), however you run a slightly higher risk that bugs will start eating away the tomato depending on whe... Read More »

Can hamsters eat plums?

Hamsters need a balanced diet, which includes fruits and vegetables. Plums are an acceptable, occasional food that provides important vitamins and minerals---however, remember to remove the large s... Read More »

How to Freeze Plums?

Freezing fresh plums is a simple way to store them for future use, especially if you're lucky enough to have extra fruit. It's fairly easy to do, and the process gives you the opportunity to sweete... Read More »

How to Peel Plums?

Peeled plums are useful for making desserts, baking, and other cooking purposes. This article explains how easy it is to peel them.