How do I restore no-wax vinyl floor shine in high traffic areas?

Answer CleaningRemove dust and debris by sweeping, dusting or vacuuming the floor. Damp moping removes the rest of the soil, dirt and old polish. Use a no-rinse floor cleaner according to the manufacturer... Read More »

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How do I restore shine to vinyl siding?

RinseRinse the siding before you start to clean it. Use a hose to rinse off loose debris and dirt. Work from the top down, and spray downwards, to prevent water getting into the siding.CleanFill a ... Read More »

How to Restore Shine to 1960s Vinyl Tile?

Because vinyl tiles are durable and designed to last, it is not uncommon for many homes to still have vinyl tiles from the 1960s covering their floors. Even if vinyl tiles are durable, however, the... Read More »

How do I put the shine back on a vinyl floor?

Put back the shine on vinyl floors with shine-restoration products. The coating on a vinyl floor gives it a long-lasting, freshly-waxed look. According to All Sands, when the coating wears out, res... Read More »

How to Get a High Shine on Linoleum Floor?

Linoleum floors are composed of natural ingredients, such as linseed oil. The oil is boiled down and then joined by ceramics, ground limestone and other natural ingredients. The advantage to this n... Read More »