How do I reset BIOS on a Gateway laptop?

Answer Boot the ComputerPress the power button to boot the computer. If the computer is already on, restart it.Enter the BIOS UtilityImmediately begin pressing "F2" at one second intervals until the BIOS ... Read More »

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How to Reset BIOS for a Memory Upgrade on a Gateway Laptop?

Adding more memory to your Gateway laptop is the most effective way of increasing the performance of the computer. Additional memory will speed up your applications, allow you to multitask more eff... Read More »

How do I reset a Gateway BIOS password?

Open the ComputerTurn off the PC. Unplug all cords in the back. Remove the three screws in the back, on the right side of the Gateway tower. Slide the panel off and set it aside. Lay the computer f... Read More »

How to Reset a Gateway 2000 BIOS?

Your Gateway's Basic Input/Output, or BIOS, is the "heart" of your computer. It interfaces with the CPU, the RAM and all of the other critical system components to create a seamless system. Should ... Read More »

How to Reset a Gateway Laptop?

Computers sometimes will operate slowly, get stuck on a screen, or seemingly crash completely. While a slow, stalled, or even crashed Gateway laptop can be quite frustrating, it doesn't necessarily... Read More »