How do I report vandalism on a wiki?

Answer See if there's a page with the various admins/mods listed, they may have contact info so you can email one of them directly. Some of the smaller wikis I've been on usually tend to have this

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How to Prevent Wiki Vandalism?

A wiki, like any sort of public place, attracts visitors of all kinds. A surprising number of those visitors end up making useful contributions. Predictably, others contribute in such a way as to d... Read More »

How to Report Vandalism?

Vandalism can include graffiti, damage, or even harassment.If you ever need to know how to report vandalism, at school, at home, or anywhere else, feel free to read this article.

How to Report Vandalism in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Vandalism is the destruction of property, and includes graffiti. If your property is vandalized or you see vandalism occurring, report the crime to the Minneapolis Police Department. For vandalism,... Read More »

How to report people on wiki?

If the question you're asking is "I need compromising pics or videos of Wiki people I don't like so I can use it as evidence against them when I report them on Wikipedia" then there are many method... Read More »