How do I report people who get food stamps illegally?

Answer Contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General at 800-447-8477 or send an email to Explain the reasons you suspect fraud is being com... Read More »

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How do I report someone who sells food stamps?

Be Certain They Are Doing WrongDetermine whether or not the individual is actually selling the food stamps, if possible. Defrauding the food stamps program is a serious offense that can lead to cri... Read More »

How Do I Report a Person Using Food Stamps Fraudulently?

Food stamp fraud is a problem. Some recipients fail to report all of their income, all of their assets such as bank accounts, changes in their expenses such as rent, or changes to their household s... Read More »

Can people stay on food stamps for 20 years?

Theoretically, people could indeed receive food stamps for 20 years, although that isn't normal. The program is seen as a temporary safety net, and the average length of participation in the progra... Read More »

Types of People Eligible for Food Stamps in Tennessee?

Food stamps are monthly allotments given to participants to help them buy sufficient amounts of food. The Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture administers the national f... Read More »