How do I report a 1099 to the irs?

Answer Form 1099 must go to any person who provides services to another and earns $600 or more for those services. The provider who does business this way is an independent contractor. The issuer is oblig... Read More »

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How to Report Form 1099 Q?

Internal Revenue Service Form 1099-Q should be delivered to you if you received education benefits during a tax year--either from a Coverdell education savings account or another qualified tuition ... Read More »

What if a Company Does Not Report on a 1099?

A 1099-MISC form is sent to independent contractors or freelancers who work for a company, but are not technically employees of the company. A company is required by law to send a 1099-MISC (misce... Read More »

How to Report 1099 K Income on Tax Return?

New IRS rules for 3rd party payers has created an enormous confusion for all tax payers. Starting 2011, all credit card companies, eBay, Amazon, and all other companies providing services to mercha... Read More »

Do you have to report mortgage interest on 1099-INT tax returns?

You do not report mortgage interest on a 1099-INT tax form. Any mortgage interest received in the course of doing business is reported on Form 1098. The IRS states that you may have to report the m... Read More »