How do I replace tub surround caulk?

Answer Removing Old CaulkUse a putty or utility knife to pry one end of the bead of caulk up off the tub. Pull the caulk away by hand, using the same amount of pressure you might to remove an adhesive ban... Read More »

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How do I replace bathroom caulk?

Removing Old CaulkClean the area where the old caulk is located with a product specifically made for bathroom surfaces. Use a utility knife to cut away the old caulk, taking care not to scrape your... Read More »

How do I replace caulk on a toilet?

Scrape the old caulk from around the toilet base, carefully using a utility knife. Use a bit of water as a lubricant and to help minimize any scratches to the floor tiles. Wear medium-duty leather ... Read More »

How do I replace mildewed caulk in a shower?

Getting StartedSelect a small screwdriver or a razor blade knife to pry the end of the caulk line up and away from the shower wall or tile. Pull the caulk away from you, parallel to the wall.Heatin... Read More »

How do I caulk with polyurethane caulk?

Prepare the Caulk JointRemove dirt and loose paint from the caulk joint by running a paint scraper along both sides of the joint. Use a brass bristle wire brush to remove smaller particles and rust... Read More »