How do I replace an integrated graphics card?

Answer You replace an integrated graphics card with GODLIKE skills in electronics.

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Can i replace or add another video card to a computer that has Integrated graphics?

It's going to be simple to install a new graphics card in that machine.It's PCI-e so any PCI-e card would do. (I recommend nothing less than an NVidia 8600GT or 9600GT).It's also just a case of ope... Read More »

How to Integrated or Onboard Graphics to Pci Graphics Card?

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What does integrated graphics card mean?

An integrated graphics card is not a piece of computer hardware per se, but is rather a section of a computer's motherboard that is dedicated to producing and processing graphics information. Integ... Read More »

What is an integrated graphics card?

An integrated graphics card is a chip on the computer motherboard--the large circuit board that connects all of the components in the computer--that produces all of the graphics for the computer. I... Read More »