How do I replace a USB port on a Dell Latitude?

Answer The Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is a link for external devices on your Dell Latitude. With today's modern technology, you probably use the USB ports a lot. Keyboards, mice, digital cameras, pri... Read More »

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How do I Replace the Display Panel on a Dell Latitude 610?

Due to the user-friendly design of many modern laptops, such as the Dell Latitude D610, it's never been easier for the user to replace parts and components on her own. Not only is this true for har... Read More »

How to Replace the DC Jack on a Dell Latitude D610?

Replacing the DC jack in the back of the Dell Latitude D610 laptop is similar to repairing most other laptop DC jacks. The jack can break or work loose from the motherboard if the power cord is plu... Read More »

How do i replace memory on a dell latitude ls notebook?

Back Panel RemovalTurn off the Dell Latitude laptop, close it, power down and remove the power cord. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the small plastic panel by loosening the screws. At this ... Read More »

How do I replace the hard drive in a Dell Latitude D630?

Remove Old Hard DriveTurn the Dell Latitude D639 computer upside down with the front of the computer facing you. Remove the two black screws in the lower right corner. On the right side of the lapt... Read More »