How do I repair water damage on a laminate floor?

Answer Laminate flooring is basically made of a series of paper or particle sheets laminated together to form a material that simulates hardwood flooring. It is installed in much the same way as hardwood ... Read More »

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How do I inspect laminate floor for water damage?

Warped BoardsRun your hand over the surface of the floor to feel for warping. You can also see warping or buckling of the laminate flooring if you view the floor at an angle. Unless the floor is se... Read More »

Can orange glo floor cleaner damage laminate?

On One Hand: Reports Of DamageConsumers have reported that Orange Glo left a streaky, dirty residue on their laminate floors. While some reported permanent damage, others noted that the damage occu... Read More »

How to Repair Filler in a Laminate Floor?

Fixing a dent or a gouge in a laminate floor is a little different than fixing damage to real wood. With wood, you can fill the area with wood putty, sand it and cover it in gloss. But laminate flo... Read More »

How to Repair Scratches on an Armstrong Laminate Floor?

Armstrong World Industries, Inc., manufactures a variety of items for residential home building, including flooring. Armstrong's laminate flooring options are designed to resemble real wood and sto... Read More »