How do I repair a wireless headset?

Answer Wireless headsets are designed to work on phones or other devices without a connecting wire. Typically these headsets use Bluetooth format or a similar type of radio connection that sends and recei... Read More »

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What is a Bluetooth wireless headset?

Bluetooth wireless headsets do away with the need for a connecting cord between headset and cell phone. Some manufacturers design headsets optimized for PC use.BluetoothBluetooth, a wireless techno... Read More »

How do I charge a PS3 wireless headset?

Connect the USB cable provided with the headset to your computer or PS3 system (system must be powered on for headset to charge). Connect the mini USB side of the USB cable to the charging dock pro... Read More »

My Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Won't Connect?

The Xbox 360 wireless headset allows you to voice chat with other players while playing games that support voice chat features. When you connect the wireless headset to your Xbox 360, it must make ... Read More »

Questions about wireless bluetooth headset?

> What kind of batteries does a bluetooth headset take? The battery is a lithium-ion type, built into the headset. It doesn't come out. All Bluetooth (henceforth "BT") headsets come with a charger.... Read More »