How do I repair a roof leak during a hurricane?

Answer When a hurricane hits, the result is a few hours of the most intense and unabated weather conditions imaginable. Creating winds well in excess of 100 mph and torrential nonstop rain, a hurricane ca... Read More »

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DIY Roof Leak Repair?

Discovering a leak in your roof is one of those uh-oh moments when your heart sinks and your mind races with thoughts of how you'll be able to pay for the fixes. While it can be a relatively inexpe... Read More »

How to Repair a Roof Vent Leak?

The ridge vent that rests along the peak of your roof allows your house to breathe. The ridge vent saves money in your cooling bills by preventing heat from building up in your attic. Unfortunatel... Read More »

What kind of insurance would a small one man roof leak repair operation in NJ need and how much would it cost?

You will need to contact an agent or agents for some quotes on the ratings they also will be best equiped to advise you regarding the risks you should consider in protecting you and your business.

How do i fix a roof leak?

Walking into a room to see the steady dripping of water from a roof leak can dampen even the best of moods. A leaky roof can cause more inconvenience than mopping the water from the floor or emptyi... Read More »