How do I remove vinyl linoleum?

Answer Cut strips out with a utility knife, each about 8 inches wide.Peel off strips, using a putty knife beneath the vinyl linoleum flooring to pry it off if necessary.Scrape off any residual adhesive wi... Read More »

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What is the difference between linoleum and vinyl?

While vinyl flooring may sometimes be referred to as "linoleum," the two are actually completely different materials often put to the same use. Both provide a durable and inexpensive flooring solut... Read More »

How to Clean Yellow Discoloration on a Linoleum Vinyl Bathroom Floor?

Linoleum vinyl floors in the bathroom can turn yellow if the wax coating begins to fade. Areas on the bathroom floor can also have a yellow stain due to urine, the rubber backing on rugs, and sunli... Read More »

Can you stick vinyl stick tiles over linoleum?

Installing self-stick vinyl tiles over linoleum works, but experts recommend using additional floor-tile adhesive. It is also important to find out what the linoleum material is to ensure you are ... Read More »

How do I remove linoleum?

Determine Product and ApproachTest your old linoleum before removing; linoleum made in the 1970s and earlier often contain asbestos. Wet a small piece (such as from behind refrigerator) to keep pos... Read More »