How do I remove very old masking tape?

Answer Hold a hair dryer approximately 3 to 4 inches from the masking tape. Run the dryer along the length of the tape while the heat to soften the tapes adhesive. Gently pull the tape free as it loosens.... Read More »

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How do I remove masking tape off of baseboards?

Plug your hair dryer into an extension cord, and then plug the cord into the wall. Turn on the hair dryer to warm or hot heat, and hold it about four inches away from the masking tape. Pull the tap... Read More »

How to Remove Masking Tape Glue?

Masking tape has an adhesive backing that causes it to adhere to a variety of surfaces including walls, windows, countertops, clothing and upholstery. Masking tape's versatility makes it a useful i... Read More »

How do I remove dried masking tape?

Use Mineral SpiritsPour a small amount of mineral spirits on a rag, and apply to the dried masking tape. Ensure the tape is thoroughly wet with the mineral spirits.Use a Hair DryerSet a hair dryer ... Read More »

How do I remove masking tape glue?

Use Baby OilPlace a tiny amount of baby oil onto your fingertips, and rub it into the masking tape glue that is left on a carpet or on a hard surface. Allow the baby oil to loosen the glue residue ... Read More »