How do I remove unwanted programs from startup?

Answer Browsing to the Msconfig FileClick "Start," and type "msconfig" in the instant search field. When "Msconfig" appears in the list, select it.Running the UtilitySelect the "Startup" tab, and deselect... Read More »

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How do I remove unwanted Startup programs in Windows XP?

Click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. Click "Run," type "msconfig" into the search bar and click "OK." The System Configuration Utility will open.Click the "Startup" tab to access a list... Read More »

How to Remove Unwanted Startup Applications in Windows XP?

Whenever an application starts up with your operating system, it consumes RAM and CPU resources that slow down the overall boot sequence of the computer. By removing these items from the startup li... Read More »

How do i remove unwanted programs?

Click on the "Start" tab in the left corner of your desktop. Click on "Programs" for Windows XP, or "Programs and Features" for Windows Vista and 7. Click on the program you want to remove, then cl... Read More »

How do I remove unwanted Windows programs that install/uninstall will not remove?

Click on your "Windows XP" or "Start" menu. Double-click the "Computer" icon. Double-click the "C:" drive. Select the "Program Files" from the drop-down items.It is best to have a backup before del... Read More »