How do I remove the blue background when copy-pasting from Wikipedia?

Answer This question was asked recently. Check out the best answer, and the other answers below to help you. Use the link below. Wikipedia probably does this to make sure that people do not plagiarize ... Read More »

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How to remove the light blue background color of text copied from Wikipedia ?

First of all, you shouldn't copy text from Wikipedia for an assignment. This is plagiarism, and most teachers can recognize it if they see it, have software to check any given phrase from your assi... Read More »

How to i get the light blue background of wikipedia?

Zooming the page to 100% does not solve the problem. The blue background will still come back if you zoom out. Here's a script that fixes the blue background bug on Google Chrome. http://userscript... Read More »

Why is the wikipedia background light blue?

If you are using Chrome, it's a bug. Try making your zoom 100%. That worked for me. :)

How does one get rid of the light blue background wikipedia uses?

I assume you copy some of the text from wikipediahere's how to take blue background >highlight document area where the blue background appears >click "style" drop down bar in your formating tool b... Read More »