How do I remove startup entries in XP?

Answer Run MSConfigClick the "Start" menu and choose the option for "Run." Enter "msconfig" in the dialogue box and click "OK."Remove Startup EntriesClick on the tab labeled "Start Up." The window display... Read More »

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How to Remove Invalid Program Entries From Add/Remove Programs?

The "Add or Remove Programs" feature in Windows is a way for you to easily uninstall a program from your computer. It shows all the programs currently installed on the system. When you uninstall... Read More »

How do I remove duplicate entries in Excel?

Selecting the DataHighlight the data that you want to check for duplicates by clicking and holding the mouse button over one corner of the data and dragging the mouse to the other corner before rel... Read More »

How do I remove duplicate calendar entries in Outlook?

Open Outlook and go to "Calendar." Click on the calendar containing duplicate entries in the navigation pane. Go to the "View" menu on the toolbar. Point to "Arrange by" in Outlook 2003 and then po... Read More »

How to Remove XP Fat Entries File System NTFS?

FAT/FAT32 was the file system powering the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system. Since then, Microsoft has switched to the more efficient NTFS file system. FAT32 is still used in storage devices d... Read More »