How do I remove salt deposits?

Answer Create Mixture, Let It SitMix one part warm water to one part white vinegar in a spray bottle or large container. Take a mop (if cleaning a large area) or a washcloth (if cleaning a smaller area) a... Read More »

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How to Clean a Silver Plate That Has Salt Deposits?

Many preservation and restoration professionals recommend that people handle silver only with clean gloves and never with bare hands; the salt and oil in human skin can severely damage silver. Acco... Read More »

How to Remove Road Salt With Salt-Away?

In areas of the country where icy roads are a winter hazard, a mixture of salt and sand is used to make the roads more passable. Salt reacts with the ice and lowers the freezing point of the water ... Read More »

How to Remove Windshield Deposits?

Deposits stick to windshields, making them look dirty. Deposits come from minerals in the water -- iron, calcium, lime, rust -- road salt, dirt and other debris. Vinegar will remove the debris with... Read More »

How do you remove calcium deposits?

Calcium can be broken down with an acidic solution of some kind. There are cleaning agents sold which are made specifically for this.You can remove calcium deposits using baking soda and white vine... Read More »