How do I remove programs from Safe Mode in Win98?

Answer Enter Safe Mode by restarting your computer and holding down the "Ctrl" (control) and "F8" keys during the start-up sequence. This will bring up the Windows 98 Startup menu, from which you can choo... Read More »

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How do I remove programs in safe mode in Win98?

Start Windows 98 in Safe ModeRestart your computer. Hold down the "Ctrl" key until you see the Windows 98 start-up menu. Select the "Safe Mode" option and press "Enter."If you don't see the Windows... Read More »

Can you delete programs in safe mode?

According to, you can delete programs while in safe mode. In fact, safe mode is used for deleting and uninstalling programs, troubleshooting and adjusting configurations settings... Read More »

How to Remove Safe Mode From Windows XP?

Safe mode is considered the diagnostic mode of Windows. When operating in safe mode, the computer does not load unnecessary files and applications. The graphics and resolution of images in safe mod... Read More »

How do I remove Norton in Windows XP Safe Mode?

Press F8 as your computer is turning on. It will take you to options for how you want your computer to boot up. Select "Safe Mode." After a few moments, the computer will go to a modified version o... Read More »