How do I remove perfume with detergent?

Answer For Dry Clean GarmentsRemove perfume stains from nonwashable garments by blotting the stain with a sponge soaked in warm water, and immediately take the item to the dry cleaners.SoakingFill the was... Read More »

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How to Remove Detergent?

Laundry detergent is designed to keep your clothes clean and make them smell fresh. A careless spill or accidental drop, however, can lead to one of the most puzzling stains in the world of house c... Read More »

Does detergent remove stains?

Detergent helps remove stains by creating suds. These bubbles attach to the dirt and oils contained in stains. The stains are then lifted off as the suds are washed away.Source:Textile Affairs: Stains

How to Remove Detergent Residue from Clothes?

Detergent residue on clothes can be sticky and grimy. Removing it is easy enough to do, and important because the residue can end up yellowing your clothes on contact with soap.

How to Remove Laundry Detergent Stains?

Detergent stains can be caused by undissolved powdered detergent or a concentration of liquid detergent on a garment. This often occurs due to overloading the washing machine or adding the detergen... Read More »