How do I remove old stains from baby clothes?

Answer While they may be picky eaters, babies are not known for being the neatest eaters at the table. Everything from strained carrots to innocent-looking formula can leave its mark (and smell) on baby's... Read More »

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How to Remove Baby Formula Stains from Clothes?

Parents everywhere should pay attention to this stain removal tip for removing baby formula stains.

How do I remove stains from old clothes?

Method 1Soak the clothing in a basin mixed with warm water and dish washing soap for five to ten minutes. Scrub the stained areas between your hands or a toothbrush then rinse. Mix one part vinegar... Read More »

How do I remove sun stains from clothes?

Sun Stains or FadingLay the sun-stained clothes out flat in direct sunlight for several days to evenly fade the fabric. Alternatively restore sun-stained fabric to an acceptable appearance by washi... Read More »

How do I remove soy sauce stains from clothes?

Soak the ClothesSoak the stain in cold water as soon as you notice it. Remove the clothing, and place it on a flat surface, such as a laundry table or the top of your washing machine.Treat the Stai... Read More »