How do I remove old putty from windows?

Answer Work a putty knife under any putty that is loose and chip it away. Soften putty that you cannot work free with an infrared paint remover, or simply use a blow dryer or heat gun. Once the material h... Read More »

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How do I replace putty on windows?

Remove All the Old PuttyUse a very sharp triangular scraper and putty knife to remove all the old window putty. Replace any broken glass, and secure any loose panes with additional glazing clips if... Read More »

How to Putty Casement Windows?

Casement windows rest on hinges in a frame and swing open when unlatched. To replace broken glass in a casement window you must use putty to hold the glass in place to prevent it from moving and b... Read More »

How to Remove Silly Putty From a Rug?

Invented in 1943, the "solid liquid" called Silly Putty, sold in its distinctive plastic egg, has been an inexpensive source of fun for generations of children. While kids enjoy Silly Putty, parent... Read More »

How to Remove Silly Putty From Hair?

The manufacturer of Silly Putty recommends using WD-40 to remove silly putty from clothing, furniture and carpeting. WD-40 may do the trick, but it leaves a smelly and oily residue and is made from... Read More »