How do I remove old glazing from windows?

Answer Dried out GlazingRemove old dried out and cracked glazing carefully with a stiff putty knife. Work along the window pane first using care not to pry against the glass. Simply use the knife to push ... Read More »

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How much should i pay for 6 double glazing windows?

I paid £3.75 for 6 double glazed windows, all of them broken.

How do I remove window glazing?

PreparationInspect your window before starting the removal process. Notice where the glazing has, essentially, started chipping away by itself; plan to start removal here--usually where the putty m... Read More »

How do I remove old outdoor window glazing?

Window and Glass RemovalRemove the window frame, and set it on a stable surface if desired, or prepare a workspace around the window, using a secure ladder if needed. Ensure the glass is secured be... Read More »

How to Remove Favorites & Home Groups From Windows Explorer in Windows 7?

The Windows Explorer tool in Windows 7 uses a Navigation Pane that shows different navigation choices. The standard options in the Navigation Pane are "Favorites," "Libraries," "Homegroup," "Comput... Read More »