How do I remove myself from Google?

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How can I remove a picture of myself off Google Images that came from a video off a deleted Youtube account?

The reality is, I'm afraid, that you just can't.It isn't even "just there" any more....Click on your Start button, and select "Programs", "Accessories", & "DOS Prompt"...When the little box pops up... Read More »

How do I remove myself from friend suggestions on facebook?

How do i get myself off of google images?

The images in Google’s search results are controlled by the webmasters of the sites on which the images appear, and not by Google. Google cannot remove content from the web. To remove an image fr... Read More »

How to Remove Twitter From Google?

Google Desktop is a program that allows you to run widgets in a sidebar on the Windows desktop. Unlike the Windows sidebar, which only works on Windows Vista and above, Google Desktop supports Wind... Read More »