How do I remove iron stains from wood?

Answer PreparationPut on goggles and gloves, then mix a solution of wood brightener containing the ingredient oxalic acid. Wood brighteners are sometimes sold in concentrated form, and also in ready-to-us... Read More »

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How do i remove iron stains from a bathtub?

Squeeze a LemonSlice a lemon and squeeze the juice on the iron stains. The acid found in lemon juice helps to dissolve and remove iron stains from a bathtub.Pour Baking SodaPour some baking soda on... Read More »

How do I remove iron water stains?

Commercial Rust RemoverApply a commercial rust remover to the stained garment. Let sit for several minutes, then launder as usual. Repeat if necessary. Do not place stained garments in the dryer as... Read More »

How do I remove iron stains from a fiberglass shower?

Mixing the Cleaning SolutionFill a spray bottle 3/4 of the way full with warm water. Slowly add baking soda to the spray bottle, making sure it doesn't get too thick to spray. Thoroughly mix the so... Read More »

How to Remove Burn Stains from an Iron in the Carpet?

Carpet fibers can burn or singe quickly even if the source of heat is on the carpet for only a moment. Irons can be used to help remove wax and other stains from carpet, but if left on too long or ... Read More »