How do I remove inkjet ink on clothing?

Answer Rinse stained fabric in cold running water.Remove inkjet stains from white fabric using chlorine bleach and water. Hewlett-Packard recommends using cold water, as hot water will solidify ink colors... Read More »

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Which is better, an inkjet or thermal inkjet?

On One Hand: Inkjet Printers Are SuperiorThermal inkjet printers use heat to expand the ink for printing, while inkjet printers (also called piezoelectric printers) use an electrical pulse for the ... Read More »

What is the Model # of your HP Inkjet Printer, & what HP Inkjet Cartridges Does It Use ?

I have an Deskjet 842C, 712C and an officejet 4215 with the office jet it can take a 56, 27, and 21 for black without incident, however being that the 21 is ridiculously low capacity I will not use... Read More »

How to Remove Gum on Clothing With Ice?

If you have kids who love gum, they are bound to get it on something. It could be on the car, in carpet, or on clothing. Even as adults it can happen. Maybe you left some in a pocket before washin... Read More »

How to Remove Clothing Labels?

Do you find clothing labels itchy? Do you dislike having them hanging out? Would you prefer not to be a walking advertisement? If you don't think having somebody else's name emblazoned on the back ... Read More »