How do I remove house ants?

Answer Seal any cracks or crevices through which ants can crawl into your home. Clean these entry points with detergent and spray an insecticide designed for ants.Place ant baits in common ant areas, like... Read More »

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How to Remove Ants From a House?

Crumbs of food or sticky residue left over from a spilled drink draw ants to your home. Wiping up the spill or sweeping up the crumbs will not make them go away once they have come inside. Many hom... Read More »

How do I remove odorous house ants?

CleanRemove whatever food the odorous house ants are currently eating. Clean up and store all other food sources in airtight, sealed containers or the refrigerator. This will ensure that the ants h... Read More »

How do I eliminate house ants?

Insecticides are the most effective products to kill household ants. The easiest insecticides to use are those in the form of ant bait. Place bait in areas of your home where you have observed ants... Read More »

How can I get rid of flying ants in my house?

First you need to make sure they are flying ants and not termites. In either case, they themselves are harmless. they are released to try to establish a new colony. You need to find the location wh... Read More »