How do I remove heavy calcium from pool tiles?

Answer Buy a pumice stick that can be used on enamel or ceramic tile surfaces. Most swimming pools have ceramic tile surrounds along the top edge, and hard water deposits can form if the water in the pool... Read More »

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How do I remove heavy calcium deposits from concrete?

Remove the Deposits With VinegarFill a spray bottle or cleaning bucket with pure white vinegar, using enough to cover the area of concrete to clean. Spray or pour the vinegar onto the concrete, cov... Read More »

How do I remove calcium build up on pool tile?

Clean the TileSelect a pumice stone tested to clean pool tiles gently. Get in the pool or attach the stone to a tether pole. Rub the calcium stains with the pumice stone at the water line. Continue... Read More »

How do you clean heavy calcium deposits off windows?

Most professional window cleaners just use one drop of Joy dishwashing liquid in a gallon of water. If the deposits are very heavy, adding vinegar (1 cup) or citric acid (2 tablespoons)(available a... Read More »

How to Fix Heavy Tiles on Walls?

Tiles that are large and heavy can be fixed on walls just like smaller standard types of tiles. However, heavy tiles have a tendency to fall or slide down the wall from additional weight. Heavy til... Read More »