How do I remove hard deposits on formica?

Answer Removing Organic Hard DepositsWet a dishcloth with water and a little cleaning solution safe for Formica or laminate. Avoid bleach since it will damage the protective finish on the counter. Put the... Read More »

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How to Remove Hard Water Deposits From Surfaces?

Hard water deposits have a high alkaline content that, when dried onto a surface, leaves a cloudy area of spots that makes a surface unattractive and looking unclean. When trying to remove the wate... Read More »

How do I remove hard water deposits on sink fixtures?

Clean the Sink FixturesPrepare the area that has the hard water deposits. Use a piece of cloth with soap and warm water, to clean away grime and other residue from the sink fixtures.Apply White Vin... Read More »

How to Clean a Toilet of Hard Deposits?

Hard water deposits in a toilet bowl are a common problem in many households. Such deposits often develop when your home's water supply contains high alkaline levels. As water splashes and sits in ... Read More »

How do I clean hard water deposits from a toilet bowl?

Pour 3 cups of white vinegar into your toilet bowl and let sit for one hour. Place a pair of cleaning gloves on your hands, saturate a handful of paper towels with pure vinegar and rub over hard wa... Read More »