How do I remove glue from a concrete floor?

Answer Using a scraper or long-handled chisel, scrape up as much as glue as possible. Sweep away loose glue.Apply methylene chloride paint remover to the floor with a trowel. Allow the methylene chloride ... Read More »

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How do I remove the glue from concrete floor?

Clean the AreaClean the area around glue stain, you can use warm water with a sponge for this. Allow to dry.Using Floor StripperApply a chemical floor stripper to the glue stain, making sure the ar... Read More »

How do i remove vinyl floor glue from concrete?

Prepare for WorkBuy an adhesive remover or chemical stripper from any home improvement store. Put on gloves and a face mask and open all windows in the room for ventilation.Soften the Vinyl GlueFil... Read More »

How do I remove carpet glue from concrete floor?

Remove Carpet GlueApply a safe adhesive glue remover to the glue to avoid using toxic chemicals inside. Wait 30 minutes for the stripper to penetrate the glue. Scrape the glue off the floor with a ... Read More »

How to Clean Floor Glue Adhesive From Concrete?

A specific adhesive is usually required to install a floor onto a solid foundation. The glue ensures that the flooring material is securely bonded onto another surface, called a subfloor. Pulling u... Read More »