How do I remove drywall tape?

Answer Moisten the tape joint with a wet sponge if the wall is unpainted and the joint compound (mud) is exposed. If the mud is a non-setting type, it will soften, and then you can slide a drywall blade u... Read More »

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How do I remove a bubble in drywall tape?

Cut across the top of the drywall tape bubble, and down both sides of the drywall tape bubble with a utility knife. Fold the cut piece of tape down, and out of the way. Do not pull the tape off of ... Read More »

How do I mud& tape drywall using mesh tape?

Apply the TapeCut the mesh drywall tape to the length of each joint. Center the tape over each joint, placing one hand at the top to hold it in place and pulling your other hand downward to secure ... Read More »

How do I drywall& tape?

Hanging DrywallScrew or nail the individual sheets of drywall to the studs or rafters, cutting sheets with a utility knife as needed to fit. Pound in nails with a hammer or use a screw gun to drive... Read More »

How do I tape& bed drywall?

Apply the TapeCut the drywall tape to the length of each joint. Spread an ample layer of drywall mud about 5 inches wide over each joint using a drywall tool. Place the tape on the mud at the cente... Read More »