How do I remove dirt from lampshades?

Answer Remove the LampshadeRemove the lampshade from the lamp. Unscrew the top screw of the lampshade, and place it in a secure area where it will not be lost. Lift the lampshade from the lamp. If the lam... Read More »

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How Can I Remove Dirt from My Eye?

Having an object in your eye is uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful. Even the tiniest speck of dirt can feel like a huge clump, cause excessive tearing and even damage your eye. These small s... Read More »

How can you remove dirt from your eye?

Rinse with water and blink for a while.

How to Remove Dirt From Linoleum?

Linoleum is called "green" flooring because it is made of natural materials. It is produced by combining linseed oil, rosin, wood, cork flour and limestone powder. Color pigment is added, the mixtu... Read More »

How to Remove Old Dirt From Laundry?

No matter how hard you try, stains will happen. Dirt stains are a common problem with people of all ages and walks of life. Dirt can typically be removed by simply laundering the item as normal. Ho... Read More »