How do I remove deposits in toliet bowls?

Answer Turn the water supply to the toilet off. The shutoff valve is located behind the toilet on the wall, close to the floor. Flush the toilet to drain the water out of the bowl. Sponge out the remainin... Read More »

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How do I remove mineral deposits from toilet bowls?

Drain ToiletDrain the toilet by turning off the water to the bowl. The shut off valve is usually located behind the toilet near the wall. Turn the handle clockwise to turn the water off. Pump the r... Read More »

I clogged the toliet with toliet paper and it went halfway down and is now overflowing?

Okay, if you have a metal coat hanger try twisting the ends until they arn't apart any more, then put the coat hanger down the toilet and twist and turn it until the paper unclogs. If you need to g... Read More »

How to remove a ring around the toliet bowl?

I once had to resort to muriatic acid and pumice stone to remove "ring around the toilet". You can buy it at most paint or hardware stores. I believe it is also sold as hydrochloric acid. Just ... Read More »

How do I remove rust stains from a toliet?

Pumice StonePut on rubber gloves, and scrub the rust stains with a pumice stone. Don't worry about scratching your toilet as the porcelain is much harder than the pumice stone. Continue to scrub un... Read More »