How do I remove deposits from pennies?

Answer Causes of Copper Corrosion and DiscolorationYou will often find old pennies that are dark brown, black or covered with a green patina that is caused by exposure to oxygen. Pennies also become tarn... Read More »

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How to Remove Mineral Deposits From Hair?

Mineral deposits are chemical residues and minerals that are often found in chlorinated swimming pools, bathwater and styling products. According to Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, author of "Hair Saver... Read More »

How to Remove Calcium Deposits From the Scalp?

Calcium deposits are salts that harden and form a bump under the skin. Though the cause is somewhat unknown, it is believed to be a symptom indicating a loss of bone mass, similar to osteoporosis. ... Read More »

How do you remove calcium deposits from the shower?

Answer try a product called CLR or lime-a-way. Available at ***-mart

How do I remove lime deposits from a pontoon?

Remove the Deposits With VinegarSpray the pontoon with a spray bottle filled with distilled white vinegar. Cover all lime deposits with a heavy coat of the vinegar to break up and dissolve the alka... Read More »