How do I remove chewing gum on a sidewalk?

Answer Place an ice cube on top of the gum for a few minutes, or until it become hard all the way through.Slide a spatula underneath the gum to pop it off the sidewalk.Scrub off any remaining residue with... Read More »

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How do you remove gum from from a concrete sidewalk?

They sell gum remover. it's basically a refrigerant that drops the temperature of the gum and then use a strong hoe or chisel to get in between the gum and sidewalk.They usually come with a tube so... Read More »

How do I remove peeled paint from a sidewalk?

Use a Pressure WasherFocus concentrated water pressure on the paint using a pressure washer. Remove as much paint as possible, and allow the surface to dry before continuing.Scrape the PaintScrape ... Read More »

How do I remove chewing gum from a rug?

Remove Large PiecesSlide the picks of a metal comb below the chewing gum. Gently tug the gum from the carpet. Remove tough to shift gum pieces by placing ice in a plastic freezer bag and icing the ... Read More »

How to Remove Chewing Gum Off of a Car?

Sticky chewing gum can be a real pain to remove from the exterior of a car. While you may be able to pull away much of the gum, there will likely be some stubborn bits of gum that have adhered to t... Read More »