How do I remove charge backs off of a credit report?

Answer Payment for DeletionObtain a payment-for-deletion letter. If you can pay the debt in full, contact the creditor and let it know you are able to pay the debt and will do so if it agrees to remove it... Read More »

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What does having a charge-off mean on a credit report?

Having a charge-off appear on your credit history is one of the worst red flags to a creditor. Although detrimental to your credit, you can usually negotiate with your lender before your debt gets ... Read More »

Can a charge off be removed from a credit report?

On One Hand: Yes Remove the ChargeoffOften, if you agree to pay the chargeoff in full or settle it with the lender, the lender will agree to remove it from your credit file. Before paying the debt,... Read More »

What does charge off or written off on a credit report mean?

A charge off on your credit report means that you left a credit card bill unpaid for 180 days or more and the original creditor removed the debt from its accounting ledger. Charged off debts are us... Read More »

How much does my score change once I have a charge-off on my credit report?

On One Hand: Can Damage FICO ScoreA charge-off is a big red flag on a credit report and can be very damaging to your FICO score. How much your score will change once you have a charge-off on your c... Read More »